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My Story

My passion for reptiles started when I was a kid going to zoos and watching nature shows and of course a fascination for dinosaurs. The name Diamond Valley comes from the home towns I grew up in south of Calgary AB, Black Diamond and Turner Valley which is referred to a lot as Diamond valley because the towns are so close to each other (3km). There is a trail between the 2 towns that I used to take on almost a daily basis as a kid and there is a rocky hill side where we used to catch garter snakes. I got my first snake in 2016 and then 2 more the year after. Over the next few years I had produced eggs but just didn't take the jump to incubating and hatching. Countless hours of research and YouTube and here we are 2021 produced my first hatchlings and it was the most incredible experience. My goal is to provide quality pet reptiles to my customers as well as a positive experience. Reptiles often get a bad reputation mostly due to lack of education or bad experiences. As keepers and breeders its our job to promote our hobby in a positive way, educate, and hopefully convert more people into reptile lovers like us. 


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